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May 2021

Newsletter May 2021 Posted on 04-27-2021

During May, we will continue to work on the material for our spring season. Instructors are still working on improving programs with small changes as well as slowly making changes to the school. Some of the larger changes being planned include painting walls, fixing lighting fixtures, improving a receiving and viewing area, and displaying our posters, flags, trophies, and pictures. There is much work to be done, but our instructors are doing items as they can get it into their schedules.

Reminder: All students and spectators must arrive with masks. This is a state mandate and is required to get to our doors by the Uptown Virginia. We are hoping that some of the restrictions are loosened soon so we can back into working on the curriculum items that we are not able to currently.

We will continue to use the same guidelines for classes as last month:

  • Each class is limited to 18 students
  • Students are distanced about 10 feet (current mandate is 6 feet)
  • No partner work except with family members
  • All students and spectators must wear a face covering (mask or face shield)
  • Temperatures are checked at the door. If you do not feel well but still want to be in class, participate via Zoom.
  • Students to arrive in uniforms when convenient. Students may use the changing rooms at the school.

The following are some important items and dates to remember. Each announcement is tagged with a program to help our members know which items are most important to them.

  • 2021 #kigong Monthly ki gong sessions are available! Classes are once a month on a Friday at 6:30-9:00pm. Cost is $30/class ($330 for the full year). Classes are held via Zoom with in-person options possible. More information can be found on the Regional Ki Gong page of our site.
  • Apr 27: #tangsoo #haidong The media library in your Kicksite account has been updated slightly. Videos have been arranged into folders to make things easier to find and access. In addition there is a new entry "Learn Hangul" which has a bunch of videos linked for those interested in learning how to read, write, and speak Korean.
  • Apr 28 #tangsoo This is a reminder for students to bring sparring gear if they have it. If they do not, we have gear that can be used for class. We are not cleared for partner work yet, but we will be conditioning with the gear on.
  • May #tangsoo Students that would like to participate in classes at the school should be sure to sign up for a time slot EACH CLASS DAY. Because students are allowed to choose a time slot, there are days when classes fill up for one of the times. Usually the 4:30 time slot is close to capacity, but sometimes it is the 5:30 slot. We are still under a state mandate for size of clases, so we must continue to limit spots to avoid fines for violating the mandate.
  • May #kigong Virginia classes with Mrs. Ekmark will continue at the school on Tuesdays. See our class schedule for more info.
  • May 1 #kigong Chisholm classes with Mrs. Wickstrom will be moving to live classes in the park behind the Chisholm Police Department. Classes will feature the Five Animal Frolic for the month. See our class schedule for more info.
  • May 6 #tangsoo Spring season intent to test form last day for submission! If you or your student has set a goal to test for their next rank, these MUST be submitted. You can submit the form on our website as well as review our testing information. This includes all new white belt students. Ask Mr. K for more information if you need help or information.
  • May 21 #kigong Monthly class 6:30-9:00pm. "Chinese Energy Balls"
  • May 22-23 #kigong Join us at Resurgence Martial Arts for an in-person ki gong seminar with guest Mr. John Robertson. Far too many details to give in a newsletter, so check out the Ki Gong Resurgence event page on our website!
  • May 24-27 #tangsoo Color belt testing in person Monday and Wednesday. Remote tests to be scheduled with Mr. Bennett. If you haven't submitted your intent to test forms or paid testing fees, you can participate but will not be eligible for rank promotion.
  • May 26 #haidong Color belt testing in person Wednesday night. Those planning to test for rank should let Master K know in class. All students are welcome to participate in the session even if you are not testing. Black belts should come for a review of where they are in their material as well!
  • May 27 #tigers Our Tiny Tigers program will be having rank advancement testing on Thursday, May 27 during normal class time.
  • Summer Season #tangsoo We are hoping to have all of our work done for branded sparring gear! There will be four options available for types of gear as well as an optional face shield for each type. Yes, that means we are going to start phasing in drills wearing gear more often and eventually get back into partner drills. There will be a post in Band with more information when things are ready!
  • Summer Season #tangsoo We are still waiting on shipments for certain sizes of our new uniforms for students and black belts. We apologize for the delay, and our supplier is working hard on trying to get the items in stock and prepared for us.

Students and parents: Don't forget to get into the appropriate BAND for the program(s) you are part of. This is our preferred way to stay in touch with instructors, get important announcements, and even share pictures from class and events. There are often posts found here that are not anywhere else in our communications (class sign-ups, additional class information). It is also where you will learn when classes have been canceled! If you are having trouble getting in, talk with an instructor.
Tang Soo Do (karate) · Haidong Gumdo (swords)

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact us with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do. or Contact an instructor.