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Regional Ki Gong

We have teamed up with Seven Stars Martial Arts to offer monthly sessions during the year! We are hosting classes via Zoom once a month on a Friday evening 6:30-9:00pm CT. In addition we will be hosting at least one in-person session at Resurgence Martial Arts. Sessions are beginner friendly and cover many topics.


  • February 5th on Zoom
  • February 26th on Zoom
  • March 19th on Zoom - Muscle Tendon Changing Classic
  • April 23rd on Zoom - Ways to Detox/Garbage out
  • May 21st in-person at Resurgence Martial Arts and on Zoom - Chinese Energy Balls
  • June 25th on Zoom - Five Phase Theory Part One/O Hang Gong
  • July 16th on Zoom - Five Phase Theory continues
  • August 27th on Zoom - Six Healing Sounds
  • September 24th on Zoom - Labyrinth and Foot Bath/Care
  • October 29th on Zoom - Eight Pieces of Brocade and Healing Modalities (Guasha, Trina, Accupressure)
  • November 26th on Zoom - Cross Lateral Training
  • December 17th on Zoom - Gong as we age and/or deal with Arthiritis, Parkinson’s, or other autoimmune diseases, etc.


To register for sessions, you may use the form below. Once payment is submitted, a follow-up message will be sent from one of our instructors to get additional information.