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Classes (Ages 7+)

Our haidong gumdo classes are typical martial arts classes we teach in our school. There is structure with ranks and roles, students standing in rows and lines, a number of pieces to the program curriculum, and plenty of hard work to go around. Students start with the fundamental building blocks of the art through stances and sword handling. As they make their way through the ranks, they will learn drills and patterns that can challenge them physically and mentally.

All of our students are taught the same material, regardless of age or physical ability; however, adaptations are taught for those that may risk injury doing jumps, rolls, dives, and cartwheels. We ask that every student perform to the best of their ability while using the sword as a way to channel their energy, focus on the now, and improve themselves every day.

Haidong gumdo students strive to be fast, flowing, and generally have low-impact. This program is a good match for those that want to be active, but don't want to kick and punch.

For more information, check out our regisrtation page.

Current Instructors