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Tiny Tigers (Ages 4-6)

Purpose of Tiny Tiger Program

There are a number of goals that we have designed our Tiny Tigers program around. With many other activity options for children to play games or compete against each other, we aim for our youngest members to learn patience, concentration, self-control, and respect. We want to help youngsters develop and refine motor skills, balance, and confidence while learning martial arts and having a bit of fun with others as well.

The program's development keeps in mind that when the students have grown old enough, they should be ready to join our Tang Soo Do classes. In order to make the transition feel natural, we base our lessons on goals for skills that are used in our martial arts classes like being able to mimic an instructor's demonstration, knowing their left and right, basic terminology, working with others, and the ability to process and follow a sequence of instructions. The drills used in class are targeted at improving one or more of these focused skills in a different way to disguise repetition and try to make it fun.

The Details

  • Each student (age 4-6) shall be accompanied by an adult family member (18 years or older) to be available to be on the mat with the child. One adult can accompany up to 3 children.
  • The role of the adult is to demonstrate acceptable behavior for the child to follow (being a role model), to help with holding targets or pads (assisting in practice), and attending to cleanup needs of the student (runny nose, bathroom needs, cleaning equipment, etc.).
  • Currently limited to 12 young students per class.
  • First-season enrollment includes tuition, testing, uniform for your child.
  • Additional season enrollment includes tuition and testing.

The End Game

Let's face it, it is often hard to get our kids to be active, and it's often harder for us adults to be active while running kids around for their activities. When your child is ready to age out of the program, they will have learned many of the skills needed to be successful in our Tang Soo Do Youth program. They will be ready to test for their first youth belt and gain entrance into that program upon Tiny Tiger graduation. In addition, you may have also learned all the same skills while watching your child in class or helping them practice! If you decide that you'd like to continue the journey together with your child, you will also be able to receive your first belt and be admitted into the Tang Soo Do Teen & Adult program! At that point, you'd be able to join our school as yet another family enjoying martial arts with each other.

Getting Signed up

If you are ready to come try out our new program and get your child started on a path of self-development, check out our regisrtation page. We will follow-up with you via email with dates and other information to get you set up and ready! Spots will be filled based on registration completion and payment.

Current Instructors