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  • Summer Season Restrictions

    The restrictions imposed on us for COVID-19 have been adjusted by our Governor. Starting June 2nd, we will be albe to start doing partner work again because the distancing requirement has been lifted. All students and visitors must still wear masks or face coverings. Our Tang Soo Do classes will start getting back into one-step drills, 20-step drills, and sparring with partners. Get out your sparring gear and inspect it for wear or cracks! We will be doing a new gear order soon - stay tuned for the announcement. Haidong Gumdo and Ki Gong classes will not be affected by this change.

  • June Newsletter

    Our school's June newsletter is now available. Be sure to keep up-to-date on announcements through newsletters and Band posts for each program!

  • Open Enrollment

    Open enrollment for Summer season 2021 begins on May 24 with the season's classes starting on June 2.

  • COVID-19 Policy

    As the CDC, the MN Dept of Health, and our governor update guidelines and mandates, we will keep our COVID-19 Policies page updated so all students and visitors know what to expect.

School Events

  • Summer Season

    June 2 marks the start of our summer season! Students are able to wear their summer uniforms for all classes unless otherwise specified until testing week. We are running with a full curriculum for the first time in over a year.

  • Regional Ki Gong

    RMA is hosting regional ki gong sessions in 2021! Classes are on a Friday evening once a month via Zoom. We will also have an in-person session at our school. For more information and schedule, please check our Regional Ki Gong page!

Resurgence Martial Arts

The year 2020 was rough for everyone - we get it! We spent time locked away from the world, giving up many of our normal activities, and working from our homes. Some of us lost more than we care to admit or talk about. We are no different in that respect. Yes, 2020 hit us hard too.

You may have heard of the closing of our original location. However, we aren't down and out! Just like an ancient battle front line or a modern football front line, in order to reach our goals, we have to push together and surge forward with our combined energy. This is our time to recover, to rally, to rejuvenate, to create our resurgence.

With a new year comes new opportunities! We are in a transformation stage right now, and it all starts with our new name! We are the same quality martial arts school that you have known on Minnesota's Iron Range for over 30 years. We have new ideas, new life, new energy, and want to make it available to you all!

Join us, and start your RESURGENCE with RMA!