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Our ki gong classes are primarily focused on relaxation and working with the breath and gentle movements to improve health and lower stress levels. We generally wear loose clothing meant for movement and find a spot in the class where we feel most comfortable to stand or sit, spreading out with plenty of room. Ki gong movements can be done standing or sitting, and are uncomplicated and repetitive, meant to bring movement to joints and increase blood circulation. Ki gong is good for any age, body type, mobility, and any ability! We strive to do as much class time as we can outdoors.

2021 Ki Gong Sessions

Resurgence Martial Arts has teamed up with Seven Stars Martial Arts and World Ki Gong to offer monthly sessions during the year for the WTSDA Region #3 and others that would like to join in! This is the first year that Region 3 has been able to make this happen, so take advantage of lower attendance numbers now! Currently, we are hosting these classes via Zoom, but there are plans for future in-person options at RMA (May 21st, 2021) as well. You can find the schedule of the monthly regional classes as well as get registered for the sessions on the Region 3 Ki Gong sessions page.

Current Instructors