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Mr. Sam Wilkes

Mr. Wilkes is a Level 4 Ki Gong teacher with Resurgence Martial Arts. Before getting involved with Ki Gong, Mr. Wilkes was a certified coach and referee as part of the United States Judo Association. He taught a local program as a black belt (nidan) instructor. He has since retired, but comes to our school from time to time to help us with falling, rolling, and throwing skills. His sessions are informative, fun, and can get students doing things they never thought they would attempt otherwise.

When asked to provide some information, Sam replied in the only way that he can:

I was recently referred to as "Mr. Handsome" by a Maori lady in New Zealand. I'm over weight, and have a heart issue, with joint pain daily! Beth & I live in the woods, with one noisy cat, & one kinda nice cat, because we don't like being around too many people for very long. Retired teacher/administrator. Have taught self defense classes to both normal & insane people, including politicians. Enjoy long walks on the beach, and candlelight dinners.

Mr. Sam Wilkes
Ki Gong Instructor