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Ki Gong Resurgence 2021

Join us for a weekend of Ki Gong for our annual seminar! Guest instructor Mr. John Robertson of Seven Stars Martial Arts joins us once again for three days of instruction, mentorship, and fun!

Friday, May 21

6:30-9:00pm - Chinese Energy Balls

The event kicks off Friday with our previously-scheduled Zoom session being conducted from Resurgence Martial Arts - allowing for attendance in person as well! Don't have your own set of energy balls? Grab a set from John for just a few bucks!

Saturday, May 22

9:00-noon 24-step Tai Chi (Part 1)

Begin your day with lecture and activity all rolled into one! Learn some history while getting through the basics of Yang style Tai Chi Chu'an.

1:00-1:30 Ki Cho KiGong

This is a great session to help beginners get some experience with a fundamental foundation as well as a wonderful review for those that may be more experienced. Nobody is ever beyond the fundamentals, so be sure to get in on this one!

1:30-4:30 Labyrinth

This session will start off with an introductory lecture. We won't give any spoilers here, if you are wondering what this is, you should come ready to learn! There will be a short break after lecture, then it will be time to participate.

Sunday, May 23

9:00-noon 24-step Tai Chi (Part 2)

Pick up where you left off on Saturday! The goal is to get you through the 24 posture pattern at least well enough for you to take notes on your experience so you can continue to learn and improve in your own home as well.

1:00-1:30 Nine Joints

Sounds like a great way to relax... Am I right?! Come check out this session to see what this is all about!

1:30-2:00 The Extra Silk Reelings

Think you have a good grasp on silk reeling? Come participate in this session as we explore "extra" stuff for you to challenge yourself with. Come challenge yourself and join in what has potential to become a laughter session!

2:00-3:30 Shibashi

This is an exercise that emphasizes synchronized movements with proper breathing to improve general health and wellbeing. The joy and relaxation from this activity reduces tension in the body and stress on the mind - things we all need!

3:30-4:30 Meditation

You've certainly heard this term before - you may even think you know what it means. Treat yourself to this session to close off the weekend's activities. You may learn something about yourself in the process!

Pricing & Registration

Get signed up for this event today! All sessions will be streamed live via Zoom with multiple camera angles to make things easier to see. Registrants have the choice to attend via Zoom or attend in person. All attendees will get links to the recorded sessions for the days they have registered for to access later as well. Use the form below to register for the days you would like to attend.

Friday: $30
Saturday: $50
Sunday: $50

Register for Saturday & Sunday to get $20 off registration!

By submitting this form and registering for this event, you are agreeing to the following:

The registered parties agree to the below conditions for the purpose of participation in martial arts classes or events.

  1. I/we willingly agree to obey the instructions of staff and instructors in all ways, and it is understood and agreed that this institute, instructors, or other participants shall not be liable for any damages or injuries arising from participation.
  2. I/we pledge to take care at all times to avoid injury to ourselves and our fellow participants.
  3. It is understood and agreed that any fees should not be refunded for any reason; furthermore, registration is not complete until a payment has been accepted.
  4. Failure to comply in any way may forfeit my registration and prevent me from participation.

I/we, the undersigned, upon being permitted to join classes at Resurgence Martial Arts, will obey the rules, endeavor to conduct ourselves in the manner of a student in our daily lives and in class, and will never do anything to bring disgrace upon Resurgence Martial Arts or affiliated organizations. I/we have reviewed the above statements and have provided both true and complete information above.