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With New Life: Resurgence Martial Arts Posted on 12-23-2020

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Hello students, families, and friends of Range Martial Arts! The year 2020 has taken its toll on people and businesses across the country. As you already know, an announcement was made that the Chisholm school had to be shut down back in June. The location in Virginia (rmaeast) has been crawling along during this pandemic with extra precautions in place to follow the restrictions set forth by the Minnesota Governor’s executive orders.

To help keep our students engaged and active, we started to hold classes over Zoom. Class times were adjusted and the size of classes at the school were limited to accommodate the number of students we had interested in attending in person. We continue to make adjustments to our curriculum, class times, and delivery formats as we are able while following government restrictions to continue to provide training to all of our current students.

We are preparing for a new chapter in our school history. We are ready to test our perseverance and indomitable spirit. Just like an ancient battle front line or a modern football front line, in order to reach our goals, we have to push together and advance forward with our combined energy. This is our time to recover, to rally, to rejuvenate, to create our resurgence.

We hope you are ready for change! It’s time for us to surge forward through the obstacles in front of us. Starting in 2021, rmaeast will become Resurgence Martial Arts. That’s right, we will be changing our name and undergoing a rebranding for the school and all of our programs. Some of the changes started back at the start of Winter season. This will be a process that YOU will play an important part in. Our name transition has only just begun, and there are many questions that we don't know the answers to yet, but we will be working on solidifying everything as quickly as possible.

We would like our students and families to help provide us by providing feedback on things that might help us serve you better! Let us know what you like, the things that are confusing, stuff that you dislike. The more information we get from you, the better we can mold an improved school. While not all suggestions will work, we will take them all into consideration as we continue to draw up plans for the school. You can submit all feedback via our NEW website at

Thank you for your continued support. Come get your 2021 resurgence at RMA!