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July 2021

Newsletter July 2021 Posted on 06-28-2021

Instructors continue to slowly make changes to the school and our programs! You have seen the planning process by the school entrance, and there will be more to come! There is much work to be done, and it will take some time with the busy schedules that we all have.

With the distancing mandate lifted, we have begun partner work once again. Masks are not required, but suggested for those not vaccinated - matching with the CDC recommendations. Read more information about our covid policies

Our class guidelines will be updated:

  • Students are initially distanced about 6 feet (like previous years)
  • Partner work is done with and witout sparring gear. Masks are optional.
  • If you do not feel well, stay home (like previous years). You can still participate via the Zoom stream.

The following are some important items and dates to emember. Each announcement is tagged with a program to help our members know which items are most important to them.

  • Jul #tangsoo Students are no longer required to sign up for a time slot for classes now that our instructor schedule seems to have stabilized. TSD classes are still 45 minutes long at 4:30pm and 5:30pm.
  • Jul #kigong Virginia classes with Mrs. Ekmark will continue at Olcott Park (or the school with bad weather) on Tuesdays. See our class schedule for more info.
  • Jul #kigong Chisholm classes with Mrs. Wickstrom will continue at the park behind the Chisholm Police Department. See our class schedule for more info.
  • Jul #tangsoo We have finally gotten the shipment for all sizes of the new uniforms. Sparring gear order has been placed.
  • Jul 17 #haidong Midwest Haidong Gumdo will be holding the Open Air Gumdo event with our regional schools and masters. Be sure not to miss this training opportunity! Sign up online at
  • Aug #tangsoo Red belts and higher will be able to participate in a school black belt pretest. This will be a hard workout and will be required for anyone that is hoping to do the regional pretest or testing during the October event. Dates will be arranged as the time approaches. There may be additional opportunities to practice for this pretest during summer season.
  • Oct #tangsoo The next WTSDA Region 3 tournament is coming soon! Start planning now - our school will be hosting this event in Chisholm this year!

Students and parents: Don't forget to get into the appropriate BAND for the program(s) you are part of. This is our preferred way to stay in touch with instructors, get important announcements, and even share pictures from class and events. There are often posts found here that are not anywhere else in our communications (class sign-ups, additional class information). It is also where you will learn when classes have been canceled! If you are having trouble getting in, talk with an instructor.
Tang Soo Do (karate) · Haidong Gumdo (swords)

Do you like what we do? Are we providing a positive experience? Do you have questions, suggestions, or would like to offer help? If so, let us know! Contact us with your feedback! Criticism is just as important as praise as it helps us evaluate everything that we do. or Contact an instructor.