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  • Spring Season 2023

    Our spring season has begun! Important dates:
    May 4 - Intent to Test submissions DUE
    May 17 - Test Sparring for Tang Soo Do
    May 18 - Tiny Tiger Testing
    May 22 - Curriculum testing for Tang Soo Do
    May 24 - Tang Soo Do and Tiny Tiger Promotions
    May 24 - Haidong Gumdo Testing and Promotion

School Events

Resurgence Martial Arts

Over the past few years, our school has gone through a number of changes! In 2021, we consolidated to a single location, changed ownership, changed procedures, and even changed curriculum. In 2022, we continued to improve our programs and procedures and even started classes in Chisholm through Community Education. We have become stronger, and we strive to keep progressing. We continue to grow as a community and a family. We continue to push toward excellence. We continue to SURGE into the future. 

We are the still the quality martial arts school that you have known on Minnesota's Iron Range since 1989 (and the small club before that)! We have new ideas, new life, new energy, and want to make it available to you all!

Join us, and start your RESURGENCE with RMA!