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Remote Training

Remote Tang Soo Do Training

Resurgence Martial Arts offers a training option in our Tang Soo Do program for those that are not able to make in-person classes. Students will be able to train from their home or other location utilizing the Zoom video conferencing app for their phone, tablet, computer, or other capable device. Get personalized training one day a week when instructors dedicate all their teaching time to only remote classes. In addition, you will have access to our in-person classes via Zoom while they are happening so that you may follow along with the lessons and activities twice a week.

Class attendance is recorded toward your next promotion for all sessions. Rank testing is done through remote reviews as well as some in-person testing for certain milestones when possible. Students learn all the same curriculum with the same rank requirements, allowing them to participate in classes at the school at any time they choose as well as participate in special events that happen throughout the year.

Our remote training program includes access to the sessions (via Zoom), school documents & curriculum videos (via Kicksite, our management software) as well as access to school events and organizational events. Remote training program members are able to participate in our in-person classes using our regular per-class pricing.

Contact us if you would like to get invovled in remote training with us!