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Resurgence COVID Procedures

As the mandates, regulations, and guidelines are updated regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we will update this page to make sure our students and visitors will have all the information that they need.

Current Policy

  • Students, instructors, and visitors should remain distanced at least 6 feet (2 mats on the floor). Instructors will ask students before getting closer than 6 feet corrections if longer than about 15 seconds.
  • Face coverings are not required, but suggested for those that are not fully vaccinated. We trust that our students will be responsible members of the community and take precautions where they think are appropriate.
  • Students should not arrive more than 15 minutes before the beginning of their class time.
  • Students that are feeling ill should not come to classes at the school

Frequently Asked Questions

Are RMA instructors vaccinated or are there plans for them to be vaccinated?

Instructors at Resurgence Martial Arts are volunteers. Health care is not provided by the company. We do not require health information to be shared. However, all of our active instructors have voluntarily shared that they are fully vaccinated.

Will instructors continue to use masks?

Masks will not be required for our instructors, but it will be an option based on their personal choice. All of our active instructors are fully vaccinated.

Will you be asking for proof of vaccination for those not wearing a mask? How will you tell if someone is vaccinated?

No, we will not be asking for proof of vaccination. The CDC and our state recommend those that are not fully vaccinated to continue to wear face coverings at this time. We hope that our students will be responsible members of the community and take precautions where they think are appropriate.

How will this affect the last two weeks of the Spring season?

We will continue to be distanced as we have for the rest of the season. We will continue to have masks at the school for those that would like them ($2/mask). There will be continued use of hand sanitizer by instructors and it will still be available for students at the front door as well as the back desk. We will not require masks or face coverings at the school, but hope our students will continue to be responsible community members.

How will this affect the Summer season?

Summer season will have the distancing requirement of our classes removed. Masks will be optional for students. Hand sanitizer will still be used by instructors and will still be available to students as it has been for a number of years.

What if we are not feeling well? Should we stay home?

Yes. That has been the policy for the school for many, many years. We greatly appreciate those that stay home when they are not well so that our instructors are not needlessly exposed to illness and their families can stay healthy. We also have a number of students and immediate family of students that have compromised immune systems. We continue to ask that our students be responsible community members and keep these things in mind.